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At Emerge HR Solutions Group, we are committed to being your trusted partner for your recruiting search and/or HR consulting needs. By prioritizing your needs, we ensure the highest level of customer delight is met at every phase of your search or support. Our goal is to maximize and empower your growth by locating and placing solid and impactful talent in today’s rapidly changing human capital landscape.

Our Vision

To make authentic human capital excellence available for companies everywhere.

Our Mission

To produce high quality human capital talent and innovative HR solutions that fuel stronger companies, vibrant communities, and fulfilling careers.

Our recruiters are not strangers to the special circumstances and challenges companies experience in trying to attract and retain effective human resources talent. We know and understand the pivotal role leaders across your organization play in contributing to positive results and great success. We listen while working diligently and swiftly to offer real talent solutions. Whether you are seeking to select or replace staff, grow a new team, or address a human capital issue, problem, or opportunity, you can count on Emerge HR Solutions Group to tailor its approach to your unique business needs.

Our recruiters are supported by exceptional research and recruiting methodologies, technological proficiency and subject matter expertise in essential areas such as employee assessment and relocation assistance pertaining to the Human Resources field.

We have a proven track record of success in matching qualified candidates with quality job opportunities, which has allowed us to establish and identify solutions for all of our clients’ hiring needs whether it’s local, regional or national.



We’re ready to do more for you. With more than 25 years of human resources experience across all areas of human capital management, Emerge HR Solutions Group has become a leading firm specializing in such areas as Compensation, Benefits, Worker’s Compensation, Learning and Development, HR Technology, and Talent Management hiring in 35 vertical markets. We’re equipped to find the job or candidate for you.

We actively listen to discover and identify needs. Your search is unique. We’ll represent you or your company’s specific needs to ensure you find the best fit.

We conduct extensive research to understand not only you or your company’s needs, but also to understand the competitive landscape and identify key factors for success. We’ll provide detailed information in an easy-to-understand format to help you assess opportunities and candidates.

Most importantly, we make things happen. We stay focused and take responsibility for our results. We feel strongly that we do more and will provide you with the “more” that you are looking for in your hiring process, job search, or HR consulting assignment.

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  • Norman Vincent Hill, SPHR
    Norman Vincent Hill, SPHR President

Norman Vincent Hill, SPHR is the Founder and President of Emerge HR Solutions Group, a premier, nationwide HR staffing and consulting firm.  He has more than 25 years of experience in Fortune 50 and major nonprofit organizations.

His experiences run the gamut of HR functions as well as the practice of aligning human capital with organizational strategic direction.  He is certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), Green Belt Sigma Certified, and DISC certified.  He leads and partners with a team of Human Resources professionals in providing strategic and operational expertise to companies large and small in order to improve and expand human capital effectiveness in the areas of recruiting, staffing, and HR Consulting.

Our Emerge team and Emerge Human Capital Alliance consist of highly skilled consultants with over 25 years of experience in all facets of human resources. Experience matters when it comes to finding the right candidate or career as well as getting the right HR consulting support and resources. We know recruiting and human resources. We’re dedicated to representing employers on any level search or consulting engagement. We’re equally committed to matching the right person with the right temporary or career opportunity.

Our Emerge team and Emerge Human Capital Alliance consist of highly skilled consultants with over 25 years of experience in all facets of human resources. Experience matters when it comes to finding the right candidate or career as well as getting the right HR consulting support and resources. We know recruiting and human resources. We’re dedicated to representing employers on any level search or consulting engagement. We’re equally committed to matching the right person with the right temporary or career opportunity.



How do I apply?

We provide two options for applying. You can apply online at www.emergehrsolutions.com

or contact the Emerge HR Solutions Group central office at 1-800–927-1363 to arrange an appointment.

Why should I apply through Emerge?

Working with Emerge HR Solutions Group will provide you with access to an array of job opportunities in your field of interest within your desired market locally or across the United States. Emerge is not just concerned with filling a vacancy as is the case with many firms. Our desire is to ensure that you are matched with an employer and opportunity that is ideal for you, given your background, personality, and experience. Therefore, by submitting one application, we can consider you for opportunities with a number of companies. Our clients work with us because they know Emerge understands the Human Resources environment. In addition, they know we work hard to ensure a great match of skills, personality and work ethic for their business.

How soon can I begin working?

Job availability changes on a regular basis. Once our application process is complete, we will work to match you to appropriate positions based on your preferences and skills as soon as possible. Your degree of flexibility and preferences also increase or decrease the timing of your placement opportunities.

What is involved in the application process?

Our application process is a simple one designed to move you through it as quickly as possible. You can easily apply online in minutes for any posted positions of interest in the Search Jobs section of this site. If you do not see your position of interest, you are still able to apply through the general candidate application online. After the application is complete, you will interview with a staffing consultant. In the interview, the consultant will explore your skills and what you are looking for in your next role.

Upon verification of your references, either match positions will be offered to you based upon Emerge placement or interview opportunities will be made available based upon mutual employer and candidate interest.

How do I get my additional questions answered?

Contact a hiring consultant by clicking here or by calling 1-800-927-1363

What makes Emerge HR Solutions Group different than other staffing and consulting firms?

We customize solutions with your needs and culture in mind rather than using cookie cutter approaches.  In addition, we become an extended part of your team at every step to fulfill the plan. We  advise, offer options, and implement needed change to improve and support the growth of your business. We combine the best of a high tech and high touch approach.

What does Emerge HR Solutions Group charge for staffing and recruiting services?

For Direct Hire staffing, our fee is due when you make a hire through Emerge.  Our fees cover the search and placement process.  We work with you to ensure a set-up for success through onboarding, training, mentorship and clear expectations from the word “start.”

For Temporary, Contract, Interim, Virtual, and  Special Project assignment staffing, we remain the employer of record and cover all employment related expenses including employee benefits and related services. Our markups are based on prevailing market margins by business function and region. Contact us here or by phone at 1-800-927-1363 to discuss your need and a specific rate for your need.

Do you offer reduced fees for small businesses or start ups with minimal hiring budgets?

Absolutely yes! We are committed to the support of small businesses and offer a credit adjustment toward our fees for qualifying small businesses that meet the criteria.  Contact us today to get started!

How do I grow and scale my business or organization without excessive overhead?

Hire a virtual team member today.

How do I supplement the work of my in-house staff by removing many of the repetitive tasks that consume so much of their time?

Hire a Virtual HR Assistant, Virtual Payroll Specialist, Virtual HR Technology Specialist, Virtual Non-Profit Assistant, or Virtual Church Administrator today!

How do I communicate with my Virtual Support Team member?

You have the option of communicating with your Virtual Staff instantly by phone, email, instant message, live chat directly through your computer, or text.  Emerge HR Solutions Group helps to set up the communication methods most suitable for you.

How is the work of the Virtual staffer monitored?

You have the ability to monitor your virtual team member at a moment’s notice at anytime online throughout their work commitment.  In addition, Emerge helps to supervise the work of your staffer on your behalf as they work independently to deliver your work on schedule each day.

I’ve never had a virtual worker before. How can I be reassured that this will work for me?

We enjoy working with first time Virtual newbies!  We like seeing the light bulb flash when you realize that a virtual solution is easier and more effective than you realized.  If still unsure, contact us and let us walk you through the simple process and share what to expect.



The importance of value added human capital partnerships cannot be overstated.  As a leading Talent Solutions Provider, our goal is to expand our ever-widening array of innovative solutions to help our clients and partners excel.  If you would like to engage with us in strategic partnership, please reach out below.

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We feel strongly about our core values and PROFILE

Consisting of positive spirit, resilience, operational excellence, a focus on results, integrity, listening actively, and execution, our values enable us to be highly responsive to the needs of our clients and candidates to produce powerful win-win solutions for everyone.

Positive Spirit
Positive Spirit

We have a positive spirit in everything we do.


We face adversity head on and persevere.

Operational Excellence
Operational Excellence

We are passionate about delivering on our mission and promise to clients.


We honor and glorify God in our business practices.


We are honest, ethical and fair.

Listening Actively
Listening Actively

We listen and evaluate to provide you with what you need to succeed.


We make things happen and achieve results.


Join our dynamic team!

We have exciting careers in recruiting, accounting, and administrative support.



Whether seasoned or new to the HR Profession, we would like to network with you and tap into your unique contribution to the field of human resources, whatever it is.  Avail yourself to opportunities to experience educational, social and potentially even financial rewards.


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